The Difference Between Me And You!

How do you shout in an epic content post?! LIKE THIS!!!

Well, not really. You didn’t “hear” anything. It’s two CAPITAL LETTERED words placed together side-by-side, bolded, underlined, with three exclamation marks!!! What is the purpose for doing that? To stand out, get your attention, emphasize something, make you read it, influence you to take action like click it or call a number, etc.

Anybody who’s anybody can type words like that to attempt to grab your attention. Everyone is trying to YELL and SCREAM “Look at me”, “look at my business”, “buy here!!!”. Only to be a part of the mass pool of marketers and being cliche.

The difference between us and the pool of moaning zombies, we let our content do the yelling. Content marketing, or epic content marketing as we like to refer our style as, is content that is created to draw people in and of course convert them into whatever we want to convert them into – i.e. a subscriber, follower, reader, buyer, needer, no needer yet buyer anyway, and so on…

You will not get noticed yelling in a St. Louis Rams football game when a touchdown is scored in their own hometown (yes I am a Rams fan! Bite me!).

So why be like everyone else and drown in the crowd.

Be different like us and put some damn epic content out!

Come back to find out more on how to implement some bad*ass content to draw people, readers, potential customers, buyers, to you your website, and/or your business.

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