Effective Content Writing That Converts

One day I decided to not give a care in how I looked as I went out shopping for Christmas gifts in a busy mall.

Well, I consciously cared a little but I decided to just change up my style, I grabbed some hair wax and ran it through my hair as if trying to mess up my hair and left it as that. I called it the “messy hair look”. I put on a pretty nice looking collared polo shirt and left the collar popped up to my ears. I stepped into a lightly washed out blue jean pant and stepped into some flip flops. Out I went looking different from how most people dressed in the local area, which was the typical slick and fashionable contemporaries that you see on those fashion magazines (who reads them anymore?).

What I immediately noticed as I walked the Mass filled mall were the eyes following me and double takes people gave me as if to see if I was some kind of celebrity. As a matter of fact, I did feel like a celebrity afterwards. I should have posed for them to take a picture.

Now that is how you create effective content that converts!

Embrace The Mess

Confused??? Of course you are. Stay tuned for my next post and I’ll decode the cryptic message contained in this post to reveal the secret…

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