Effective Content Writing That Converts DECODED

Now that you know the secret to effective content writing that converts, let me tell you what it means!

In the “Part 1” of Effective Content Writing That Converts, there are several layers to the writing strategy that I will unfold and decode.

Layer 1: Do Not Talk About The Main Topic Right Away – The Indirect Technique

As you can tell in part 1 of this series, I’ve never mentioned anything about effective content writing at all! This indirect technique is used by successful marketers and advertisers all the time. Most of the time their marketing content coincides with the lifestyle that they want to correlate with the brand or niche they are marketing for.

An example of this technique used in its marketing and advertising is Nike. Take a look back or consciously watch or observe Nike’s marketing. You will never see or hear the ads mentioning anything about their superior shoes, features their products provides, the quality of their shoe material, etc. But they do make ads that relate to their target market’s lifestyle.

As you’ve read, I painted a picture and told a story of one of my weird experiences of being different, which is a lesson in itself and is subliminally embedded into the story intently!

Layer 2: The Ultimate Goal Is To Be DIFFERENT – Buck The Norm Technique

That is the whole idea and ultimate lesson in this series and I’ve used it in the part 1 post as well.

Did you realize how much more captivating part 1 was compared to the intentionally placed “formal blog post” I posted for the purpose to prove my point. Were you not more interested in reading Part 2 (this post) rather than reading about the dull and boring, yet very informative, The Importance Of Content For Online Marketing?

This is because the Part 1 post is different on many sorts of levels than what you usually come across on a website or blog. Most websites post articles using the same format and style as almost everyone else which kind of gets dull, mundane and boring leading readers to gloss over to the next thing that catches their attention. But, if you can set yourself apart from the rest, you have a better chance to hook in a reader and turn them into whatever you want them to be, i.e. follower, subscriber, sharer, buyer, etc.

That is exactly what happened in my story of being different in Part 1’s story! Oh the effect of subliminal messages! (I’ll come back to that lesson later). It was because I dressed and stylized myself different from the masses in my local mall resulted me in standing out from the crowd and attracting a lot of attention. Now, isn’t that what we are striving for in marketing?

Layer 3: Cliffhangers Usually Lead To A Call-To-Action – Leave Them Wanting More Technique

I left Part 1 very open-ended and because of that it naturally led to a call-to-action for the reader (you) to want to know more perhaps. So, the call-to-action was to “stay tuned” and come back here on this blog to find out more about effective content writing.

Layer 4: See Layer 3 – The “Practice What You Preach” Technique

Come back here to learn more about how to write effective content that converts!… I practice what I preach and you should too!

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