How To Write The Right Way

A plumber inquired with me: What is the proper way to write content or a blog post?

Contrary to what we have been taught and conditioned on how to write “properly” in school, I say that there is no right or wrong way to write content. If we were to succumb to the “mass way of writing”, we would just be a Blue Man in the middle of the ocean.

As I’ve mentioned on the last post, you want to stand out from the crowd. Besides, you are one of a kind and have your own perspective on the world, so share it with us. Find your own “voice”. It is usually the unique content that will stand out and catch people’s attention. You are unique, so write how you want to write and you’ll probably stick out.

Also, in the online world of content, unique and authoritative content is what will get your website/blog up the search engine rankings. What does that mean? More traffic to your website. Woo hoo!

There’s little to no interest in reading monotonous content that’s written in a systematic format.

Give the world a fresh new perspective by writing the right way, your way!



The Difference Between Me And You!

How do you shout in an epic content post?! LIKE THIS!!!

Well, not really. You didn’t “hear” anything. It’s two CAPITAL LETTERED words placed together side-by-side, bolded, underlined, with three exclamation marks!!! What is the purpose for doing that? To stand out, get your attention, emphasize something, make you read it, influence you to take action like click it or call a number, etc.

Anybody who’s anybody can type words like that to attempt to grab your attention. Everyone is trying to YELL and SCREAM “Look at me”, “look at my business”, “buy here!!!”. Only to be a part of the mass pool of marketers and being cliche.

The difference between us and the pool of (more…)

SEO Content Writing With A Bang!

Shoot down your online competitors with us, the ultimate one-stop content writing workshop!

We are not no telemarketers whispering in your ear with SEO mumbo-jumbo. You’ve come across us, so we must be doing something right, right?

In the online world content is king. The more relative and authoritative content to a search term is, the more likely search engines will rank your content and/or website above other websites. This will lead people to more than likely click to your website and wala, more traffic, more leads, more business, and potentially more moula (green stuff, cash, green backs, money)!

Hence: content = cash = king

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